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Cardamom Tea


Cardamon is known as the queen of all spices and has rightly been given this name because of its ability to overpower other spices in terms of aroma and taste. When added to tea, it makes a strongly scented tea that not just pleases your palate but also gives you healthy skin and hair.


What is Cardamom Tea?


Fresh cardamom seeds when crushed and brewed creates a strong, healthy tea that is consumed worldwide for its many health benefits. Cardamom tea is also known as elaichi chai in India. The use of cardamom tea for medicinal purposes started centuries ago. It has a spicy, citrusy, yet herbal taste to it that has made it a popular beverage worldwide.


Cardamom Tea Benefits


Cardamom tea is not only famous for its exotic flavours, the healthy benefits the tea has to offer are also why it has so many consumers around the globe. Cardamom tea can do wonders for your skin and hair. Apart from being an aromatic beauty booster, cardamom tea can help get rid of digestion issues, detoxify the body and alleviate the symptoms of halitosis.


Cardamom tea also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with pain and swelling, especially in the mucus membranes, the mouth, and throat.


Blends of Cardamom tea:


Cardamom tea is usually blended with other flavours like ginger, cinnamon and more to amp up its flavour. Although the cardamom spice is a stronger spice, when blended with cinnamon tea or ginger tea, offers an exotic taste any tea connoisseur will enjoy. A few famous cardamom tea blends would include:


Ginger cardamom tea: Perfect for when the weather starts to turn cold. The warmth of these two spices offers a soothing cup of tea best enjoyed during the winters. Individually, each spice offers great health benefits that only double when they blend together in tea. The most obvious benefit of Ginger cardamom tea is its ability to combat nausea and digestive issues.


Cardamom cinnamon tea: A great way to boost immunity and cure stomach issues is by drinking Cardamom cinnamon tea. Its spicy exotic flavour makes it a perfectly healthy breakfast beverage on a cold winter morning.