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Earl Grey teas, infused with bergamot oil, can enhance your morning tryst with the hot beverage. Popularized by Charles Grey, an Earl and Prime Minister of England in the early nineteenth century, this amber-colored beverage enjoys widespread popularity amongst tea drinkers.

Hand-picked from the Assam valleys and the highlands of Darjeeling, our loose Earl Grey tea leaves are made with fine teas and natural, high quality bergamot oil. What’s more, we have created a range of inspired variations without losing the essence of the original Earl Grey. So, whether you like your tea black, green, or white, we have just the right Earl Grey experience awaiting you.

A Citrus Story

Earl Grey teas are often black or green tea leaves that are flavored with the oil of bergamot, an Italian fruit that resembles an orange but has a distinctive yellow color. The oil of bergamot is first extracted from its rind before being infused into the tea leaves.

Our master blenders have created inspired variations of the Earl Grey by choosing a range of teas as a base. The result is quite remarkable, offering a Earl Grey variation for every taste. A cup of Breakfast Earl Grey Tea made with a full-bodied Assam black brew peps you up for a long day ahead.

If you’d rather have something light-bodied, a refreshing cup of Green Earl Grey Tea, with its subtle flavors, is just the thing. For those who enjoy a floral touch to their teas, the jasmine-infused Earl Grey made from a Nilgiris green tea or the Blossom Earl Grey with the winning combination of white tea and bergamot oil will not disappoint. In contrast, the Cannon Earl Grey is a strong and smoky black tea.

Steeping Your Earl Greys

The number of times you steep your tea is a clear indicator of how the final brew turns out. Most of our Earl Grey tea leaves should be steeped once, but some, like the Royal Earl Grey Tea—with the mellowness of jasmine and eucalyptus—can be steeped twice.

A Cup to Delight

Don’t buy an Earl Grey for it’s apparent health benefits. This is a tea best enjoyed for the flavors it offers. While it may have the antioxidants that tea is known to have, it’s best to acknowledge and enjoy it for the pleasure of a fine cup of tea. Nothing more, nothing less.