Darjeeling Autumn Flush

Darjeeling Autumn Flush



  • Darjeeling Red Thunder Autumn Oolong

    A Darjeeling autumn tea blend with luscious fruity aromas.

    100 gm | 40 cup
    ₹ 1,099


Darjeeling experiences heavy rains in the months of July and August, following which the tea plants begin to grow again and marks the beginning of the Autumn Flush. The tea leaves are picked in the months of September and October. The tea leaves picked in the third flush are often used for tea-bags and blends, since they are mature and strong-bodied. 

What is the specialty of third flush teas?

The tea leaves from the Darjeeling Autumn Flush are darker and with a rich coppery coloured liquor. The Darjeeling Autumn Flush teas have a strong aromatic profile with a rich nutty flavor. The Darjeeling Autumn Flush teas have a natural fruity yet strong flavor, and can be enjoyed as breakfast teas. The classic autumn black teas have distinct tart-fruity flavors with a unique texture, and are perfect for a superlative experience. 

Where to buy the best 2021 Darjeeling Third Flush Tea?

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