Goomtee Tea Estate

Goomtee Tea Estate



  • Darjeeling Goomtee Spring Chinary Black

    A classic spring Darjeeling with sweet green & fruity notes.

    100 gm | 40 cup
    ₹ 1,499
  • Darjeeling Goomtee Summer Muscatel Black

    A Darjeeling cup with notes of nectarines & apricots.

    100 gm | 40 cup
    ₹ 2,299
  • Darjeeling Goomtee Summer Chinary Black

    Notes of plums & apricots brighten up this Darjeeling cup.

    100 gm | 40 cup
    ₹ 1,099
  • Darjeeling Goomtee Autumn Black

    A lively Darjeeling cup with stone-fruit & woody characters

    100 gm | 40 cup
    ₹ 699

Gomtee Tea Estate is a beautiful garden located between Jungpana to the East and Castleton to the West with a glorious past consisting of multiple owners. Henry Lennox, a British pioneer, was the first to start planting teas in this garden back in 1899. Darjeeling Tea from Goomtee, is processed in the traditional “Orthodox” way - breed and harvested at an altitude of over 4500 ft combined with excellent harvesting methods, this has ensured quality of pure china tea leaf. These distinguished teas are often sold marketed as Muscatel Valley teas.