Wah Tea Estate

Wah Tea Estate



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Established in the year 1857 (First war of Indian independence was fought in this year), Wah produces orthodox green and black teas. It is located in the tranquil Kangra region that is the 4th best tea producing region of India.Kangra is a tranquil and unpolluted place where the pine-scented air is said to have curative powers.With a mix of tropical and sub Himalayan varieties, oaks and majestic cedars ride the crest of every hill.

The Dhauladhar range of mountains which are a part of the Himalayas, rise dramatically from the foothills and provide a serene backdrop to the tea town of Palampur. Nearby is Dharamshala, the district headquarters of Kangra, which is the residence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and a second home for more than eight thousand Tibetan refugees.