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More famous for its summer teas, Assam is not quite known for its first flush. However, some tea gardens start production of loose‐leaf teas as well as CTC tea around mid spring. Assam spring teas are mellower than their more famous summer teas, and more smooth and fragrant. The classic Assam notes of malt, honey, nuts are noticeable in most black teas of this season although softer than the summer teas.
We source our Assam first flush teas from some of the best estates here. Many of them use clonal bushes to produce both orthodox and CTC teas. Assam’s premier estates all have some standout characteristics. While the Basmatia Tea Estate is renowned for producing tea that is superbly rolled, the Halmari Tea Estate produces CTC teas that are the holy grail for tea drinkers around the world. For strong, distinctive flavours, choose from teas of the Chota Tingrai Tea Estate.