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Nilgiri Jasmine Green Tea

For fans of floral teas, we bring an intoxicating blend o...

100 g | cups

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₹ 649

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Jasmine Tea

Jasmine is a herbal flower plant that is famous for its fragrance and calming properties. Made from the delicate yet strongly fragrant flower, Jasmine tea is a calming aromatic beverage that is a popular welcome drink in China.


What is Jasmine tea?


Tea flavoured with the Jasmine flowers to create a unique aroma and taste. It is usually made with a green tea base but now consumers have also started using black and white tea as a base for Jasmine tea. Jasmine tea has a delicate yet soothing aroma that can calm your nerves and bring about relaxation.The best Jasmine tea is made by brewing the tea at around 160 to 180 degrees.


What is Jasmine Tea Good For?


Usually, the health benefits of Jasmine tea are derived from the tea that is used as its base; that is green or black tea depending on your preference. For instance, organic jasmine green tea is associated with being a calming and mood altering beverage and Jasmine black tea is a great source of antioxidants.


Apart from the base tea benefits, the jasmine flower itself has many health benefits to offer, those would include:

1. Reducing the risk of heart attack
2. Stronger immune system
3. Aiding in the prevention of diabetes
4. Lowering cholesterol
5. Inducing calmness and relaxation

    More on Jasmine Tea


    The taste of the tea depends on many factors, like what teas were used as a base or where the flower was grown. Regardless of the above factors, there are many common traits of the jasmine tea. For instance, most Jasmine teas are perfumed, floral, fresh, dewy, and delicate.

    The light and delicate properties of the Jasmine tea makes it a preferred breakfast beverage for those who find coffee too harsh on the stomach.

    This delicate tea has often been referred to as nature’s gift for its delicious taste and health benefits. It is a heart-healthy tea that anyone who prefers their tea light would enjoy.