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Matcha Green Tea

If you thought green tea was the king of the tea world, say hello to Matcha. What started as a tea ritual in Japan has now found its way into the global market only to become the darling to many tea connoisseurs. Considered the healthiest of all teas, this Japanese green tea is full of nutrients. Matcha tea is made by taking young tea leaves and grinding them into a bright green powder. It is extremely high in nutrients and a good source of antioxidants. This nutrient-rich tea has found its way into many desserts because of it’s mellow flavour.


Unlike how most green teas are prepared, which is through infusion, the matcha green tea is prepared differently. Matcha tea is made by grinding the whole green tea leaves into a fine powder. It is then whisked with hot water and consumed. And with the wide availability of matcha tea online, getting your hands on this hero of all teas will be as easy as a walk in the park.



Matcha Tea Origin

The history of matcha tea is an odyssey of its own kind, starring a monk named Eisai and his little pouch of green tea seeds. As the story goes, a Buddhist monk, named Eisai, travelled back to Japan from China with a bag of green tea seeds. On his arrival, he sowed and cultivated these seeds to use them as tea. Over time he grew fond of how the calmness of its flavour complimented his zen in his journey through spirituality and he began to expand the properties of green tea by grinding its leaves into a fine powder which came to be known as matcha. Fascinated by its taste and richness, Eisai began to include the health benefits of matcha tea in his teachings. And with this, he established a tea ritual or practice that is still an integral part of the Zen lifestyle today.



How Matcha Green Tea is Made

Matcha is made from the same plant as most teas, which is the Camellia sinensis plant. Except, the tea plants that are cultivated for the production of matcha are grown in the shade and kept away from direct sunlight, causing the tea leaves to take on a darker green colour. When making matcha, only the finest tea buds are hand-picked and laid out flat to dry, becoming what is known as Tencha. The Tencha is then de-veined, de-stemmed and slowly stone-ground into a fine, bright green powder, which we know as matcha.



Matcha Tea Grades

Matcha Tea is categorised into three grades, the ceremonial grade, the premium grade, and the cooking or culinary grade. The ceremonial grade matcha tea is of the highest quality and is used mainly in tea ceremonies and at Buddhist temples. The premium grade matcha tea is also made of good quality green tea that is rich in nutrients and perfect for daily consumption. The third-grade matcha tea which is the cooking or culinary grade has a slightly bitter taste and is the lowest grade of matcha green tea, which is mostly used for cooking purposes.



Matcha Green Tea Benefits:

As matcha green tea is made by grinding the whole green tea leaf into a powder you get all of the nutrients from the leaves. Matcha Tea is rich in vitamins, fibre, chlorophyll and catechins that have anti-inflammatory benefits and are believed to have cancer-fighting effects on the body.


Matcha green tea benefits also include boosting brain function, improving skin health, and promoting heart health. With a list of such amazing health benefits, there is no reason why you should not add the Japanese matcha green tea to your diet.



Matcha Tea and Weight loss

Most of you out there wondering if matcha tea helps with weight loss, we’ve got good news for you. Try not to get too excited when we say that matcha can be a better addition to your weight-loss diet menu than green tea. And with its mellow taste, you'll be glad to make the switch. It’s true, the EGCG concentration in matcha tea is 3 times higher than that of regular green teas. Purely because matcha is less processed as the entire tea leaf is ground into a paste enabling the tea to retain all its natural nutrients. The EGCG in matcha tea can boost your metabolism rate during any form of exercise, and thus promote weight loss.



Caffeine Content in Matcha Green Tea

Most people are concerned or want to know about the caffeine content in Matcha tea. Matcha tea is a type of green tea, that being said it does contain caffeine. Because Matcha tea is made by crushing the whole tea leaves, the caffeine content is higher than that of regular green tea. When compared to coffee, caffeine levels in matcha green tea come up to half the level of a cup of black coffee. You'll find 68mg of caffeine in a cup of ceremonial matcha green tea.



How to Prepare and Consume Matcha Tea

One of the most interesting part about matcha green tea is the way it's prepared. The key is not to worry about the steps too much but to enjoy the whole experience. What you'll need is Matcha green tea powder, a wooden sifter, a bowl and a wooden Chasen matcha whisk. Now, remember, you don't have to have all these tools to make a nice cup of matcha green tea. You can use a simple bowl and a fork too.

  1. First, sift 1 or 2 tsp matcha into a cup using a small sifter
  2. Add 2oz of hot water that has been just under a boil.
  3. Whisk vigorously in a zig-zag motion until the tea is frothy.
  4. You can now enjoy your matcha green tea straight from the bowl.

Preparing matcha green tea this way is not only calming but is also centring. The idea is to enjoy the beauty of the preparation in order to enjoy the drink. ­



Easy Matcha Green Tea Recipes

Delicious in hot or cold, Matcha green tea has found its way into so many recipes for both food and desserts that is has become a hit in many cafes and juice bars and it can be a hit in your kitchen too. Here are a few easy recipes that are sure to increase your love for this super-healthy beverage.

Matcha Green Tea Latte:

You are not starting your mornings right if you're not waking up to a rejuvenating yet nutritious cup of matcha green tea latte. This fast and easy match green tea latte recipe is creamy, balanced and will leave you feeling morning ready.


  1. Add a spoon full of the matcha green tea powder and sugar into a mug or cup.
  2. Add a little warm water and mix with a spoon or with a whisk until it forms a smooth dark green paste.
  3. Pour warm milk into the mug until nearly full, if you like it cold you can use cold milk to make an iced latte.
  4. Use a whisk to mix the milk and paste together until it turns light green in colour.
  5. And your matcha green tea latte is ready.


This Japanese green tea has created a fondness for its taste among many tea lovers around the globe. If you think the exoticness of this Japanese matcha tea makes it difficult to find, you’re wrong. So don’t worry about where to buy matcha tea from, you can order matcha tea online from Teabox and have this healthy beverage delivered right at your doorstep around the globe. So now, with enough knowledge, when you buy matcha green tea, you can tell if it's of good quality by the way it tastes. The best matcha green tea is never bitter and is as mellow as it is sweet. If you still haven't had your first cup of matcha green tea yet, what are you waiting for? Buy your matcha green tea online, whisk it into some hot water and enjoy the calmness this rejuvenating hot beverage has to offer.