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Covering about 80,000 square kilometers, the state of Assam in Northeast India is one of the world’s major tea producers. Assam harvests cover a whopping 51% of the total tea produced in India. And its orthodox tea is now a GI certified product. The second flush in this region usually takes place between May and June, and yields the highly sought-after ‘tippy tea’. These tippy teas indicate the presence of buds which turn golden on oxidation. Also, tippy teas are higher in caffeine, with a more delicate flavor and aroma.
Valley, not Highland
This state’s massive tea production can mostly be put down to its topography and climate. Unlike other teas from India, Assam tea thrives on the nutrients present in the loamy soil of the Brahmaputra Valley. Besides the rich, black silt of the river, the valley is home to high humidity, monsoon rains, and temperatures upwards of 30 degrees C. These conditions create an environment that gives Assam second flush its characteristic robust flavors, dark color, astringency and full body.
Strong, robust and great breakfast teas
Assam teas are popular breakfast teas and lend a good base to most breakfast tea blends, including the English Breakfast and Earl Grey. Although they are hearty on their own, the tannic strength of these black teas accommodates the addition of milk, lemon and other condiments really well.