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Neo Teapot

Clear glass teapot with a fine-mesh infuser inside.

₹ 1,639 ₹2,049 20% Off
Urban Teapot Urban Teapot

Urban Teapot

A modern teapot with a fine mesh & removable steel infuser.

₹ 1,679 ₹2,099 20% Off

Uno Teapot

A multipurpose glass teapot with an infuser & glass mug.

₹ 1,919 ₹2,399 20% Off

Seidel Glass Tea Mug with Infuser

Clear glass mug with a fine mesh & removable steel infuser.

₹ 1,169 ₹1,299 10% Off

Perfect Pincer

A handy mesh infuser to scoop and steep tea with ease.

₹ 175
Compact Tea Maker Compact Tea Maker

Compact Tea Maker

On the go double-paned tea maker with an infuser included.

₹ 1,439 ₹1,599 10% Off

Finum Paper Tea Filters (Pack of 40)

Biodegradable paper filters to steep loose leaf tea.

₹ 199

Oriental Tea Maker

Steep tea efficiently with ease in this modern tea maker.

₹ 2,465
Classic Tea Maker (500 ml) Classic Tea Maker (500 ml)

Classic Tea Maker (500 ml)

A modern and efficient way to steep loose leaf tea.

₹ 2,450

Bevel Stainless Steel Kettle

A contemporary kettle with an easy-to-grip handle.

₹ 1,979 ₹2,199 10% Off

Carafe Tea Maker

Sip your favorite tea on the go with this suave double-wa...

₹ 2,299

Harmony Kettle

Charming clear glass kettle with an infuser included.

₹ 1,599 ₹1,999 20% Off
Choosing the right tea ware can elevate your experience of a tea. Tea accessories have evolved over the decades, and offer a range from intricate, limited edition collector’s items to everyday, functional ware.