For A Better Future


A thought in the right direction, towards the right action, can bring about momentous change. As we live on borrowed land, it is only right to do our part for a better tomorrow. Take the initiative to grow a tree or give a friend the joy of growing one. 

We have partnered with Grow Trees- Trees for Ganga across the Bhagalpur, Bihar region of India. With an aim to plant over 25,000 plants along the riverbanks, we now reach out to you to help complete the project. Your decision to plant a tree will contribute to -

Disaster mitigation

Clean rivers with improved flow

Generation of rural employment

Prevent soil erosion

Conserve the water table

Create a cleaner and greener environment

When you plant a tree with Grow Trees, you are helping to conserve the future, preventing the disbalance of the human vs nature conundrum. The benefits we derive from nature far exceed the effort we put in healing the damage we inflict. From clean air, fresh drinking water, our efforts to help curb climate change will mitigate rising environmental issues and create a better planet for thousands of species of plants and animals. It is your help, your actions that can create a world of difference.

With Grow Trees it is not just simply making a drop in the bucket without any value realization. With web-enabled, cost-effective services, each contribution is acknowledged with personalized eTreeCertificate® that allows you to know exactly where your tree has been planted.

All you need to do is choose your contribution at checkout and create an impact on your purchase.

So plant a tree today and help a river flow.


We have always believed it to be our responsibility to restore the damage we have knowingly or unknowingly caused to the planet. At Teabox, we believe in being active agents of change and you being a valuable member of our ever-growing tea community, we reach out to you to help us balance the scales of nature. 

Steeped in myths and legends the much revered Holy Ganges, also happens to be one of the oldest flowing rivers in the world. Over time with growing urbanization, overpopulation, the health of the river along with the riverbanks has sharply declined, turning perennial rivers to seasonal streams. Water depletion in the Gangetic region has been estimated to be 44% and the total forest cover loss is 78%,

At Teabox we have witnessed the remarkable ability of forests to aid water retention. Partnering with Grow Trees helps us to make a wider impact on nature, conserving one of the ancient rivers of the world.


Your decision to grow a tree today will make sure that the forests survive for future generations. The best time to plant a tree was 70 years ago, but NOW is a good time as any.