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Having Difficulty Sleeping?

A powerhouse of antioxidants - Wrap your day with the calming notes of fresh, flavorful pure chamomile flowers.

Here are 5 reasons why Teabox Chamomile Tea helps you sleep better.


100% Natural Chamomile flowers

Comprising purely of whole, natural chamomile flowers, our Pure Chamomile tea makes for a smooth, flavorful experience with zero bitterness when compared to other chamomile options which have chamomile dust and stems mixed with it.


Contains 3x more antioxidants

Used for centuries for its soothing, therapeutic properties - Teabox Pure Chamomile tea contains way more antioxidants helping to boost your immune system, fights inflammation and builds the body's defence against common cold and flu.


Hand-crafted in small batches

All the chamomile flowers we procure go through a rigorous quality check, whereby we take care to offer only flowers with less than 5% moisture so as to ensure a longer shelf-life and improved flavor intensity.


Made with finest Egyptian Chamomile

Sourced direct from the lush Nile valley in Egypt, we offer pure Egyptian chamomile flowers which taste way more smoother and sweeter compared to ordinary chamomile found in local stores. You will be pleasantly surprised by the superiority of the flavors and the relaxing properties this variety of chamomile has to offer.


More catechins than Ordinary Chamomile

Containing 50% more catechins compared to ordinary chamomile, Teabox Pure Chamomile tea offers powerful anti-inflammatory benefits ranging from reducing damage from free radicals, preventing different forms of cancer, improving your gastrointestinal health and helps to keep you fit and healthy.


Hear from Fellow Teabox Steepers

Teabox Seeks to Bring Indian Teas into the Modern Era.

“Teabox is using modern technology to reinvent the centuries-old tea. ”  

“How teabox is Bringing Silicon Valley to The Darjeeling Tea Trade.”  

8345+ 5 Star Reviews



With Teabox Pure Chamomile you get a FREE Ideal Teaspoon (worth ₹199)