Assam Dikom  Summer Black (10 gm)


Assam Dikom Summer Black (10 gm)

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An Assam cup with delish notes of malty & floral undertones.


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Replete with a rich cultural history and consistent production of quality Assam Orthodox teas, the Dikom tea estate is famous all over the world. Situated in the far eastern part of Assam, the estate owes its name to the medieval Bodo-Kachari rulers of the land. Di or Doi in Bodo language translates to water, after the Sessa river that flows through the estate, which as per popular belief, blesses the tea with its unique sweetness. This summer harvest of Dikom has yielded a full-bodied brisk cup with delicious malty flavors with mesial notes of yellow raisins. A delicate floral texture with accents of maple syrup delights the palate. Flavors of stone fruits create an unforgettable experience of the summer cup with this exquisite Indian Harvest, 2021!