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Assam Halmari Summer Black (10 gm)

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Situated on the verdant plains of Upper Assam, the gardens of Halmari with a legacy of over 100 years are held in high regard for producing exquisite summer teas. Spread across 534 hectares of land, the brilliance of the Orthodox teas produced from this estate is unmatched in flavor and quality, ranking it among the best nine of the world. The 2021 summer harvest of Halmari has yielded a medium-bodied, mellow cup with delectable notes of malt and date palm. Mesial notes of yellow raisins accompanied with hints of cocoa elevate the palate with a lively intensity. Muted floral accents persist as a sweet aftertaste, reminiscent of a late summer afternoon, creating an unforgettable second flush experience with this distinguished Indian Harvest, 2021!