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Darjeeling Castleton Summer Muscatel Black (10 gm)

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One of the most iconic gardens in Darjeeling, established in 1885, the Castleton tea estate is where the Muscatels were first made. It was our chief master taster Mr. Arun Gomden who made the first batch of these elusive teas. The Muscatels from Castleton are sought after by tea aficionados around the world. Situated at 6000 ft. and plucked from a designated section of the estate, this tea is made only during summer flush. Located just an hour and a half away from our facility, we have procured this rare Muscatel fresh. As you sip this medium-bodied tea, delectable notes of peaches and prunes arrive. Notes of cedar and hazelnuts circle toward the middle with accents of Muscat grapes in the end. An unforgettable experience of Indian Second Harvest 2021, a true connoisseur's delight!