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Oriental Tea Maker

A delightful tea maker that lets you steep and serve your favorite tea easily.

₹ 1,999

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Like a teapot, this oriental tea maker lets you steep tea in the easiest way possible. All you have to do is spoon your favorite tea into the tea maker and add recently boiled water to steep a cup to your liking. Once the tea is ready, simply place the tea maker on top of a cup. The valve at the bottom of the tea maker automatically opens and your tea flows out through the fine-mesh filter. This is the newest, most modern and efficient way of steeping loose-leaf tea.

Temperature Range: -20°C - 110°C (-4°F – 230°F)


  • material BPA Free Plastic
  • volume 500 ml
  • height 12.5 cm
  • diameter 12.5 cm
  • Color Transparent



how to use

  • Spoon desired quantity of tea leaves into the tea maker.
  • Place unit on top of the coaster. Slowly add recently boiled water over the tea leaves. Avoid filling to the brim.
  • Close lid and let the leaves steep to your liking.
  • Once steeped, carefully place the tea maker on top of your tea cup/mug to pour out the infusion.
  • Simply lift the tea maker to stop the infusion flow instantly.