• Gaja - Heritage Box

    • Inspired by Gaja's calm. Crafted with six green teas
    • Limited edition Diwali Gift. Indian Heritage Collection 2021
    • Made from durable eco-friendly paperboard
    • Whole leaf green teas packed in graceful tin caddies

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    ₹ 1,499

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    Meaning Elephant in Sanskrit, Gaja in our Indian traditions symbolizes abundance, strength, royalty and is highly revered in religious festivals. For Diwali 2021, our expert team of art directors and designers have hand illustrated Gaja on the cover with the meditative zentangle art form and then digitally printed. Inspired by the Gaja's calming and prosperous presence in our festivities, we have carefully crafted our six aromatic organic whole leaf green teas in this gift box. A one-of-a-kind sustainable box made with durable paperboard makes this gift eco-friendly too.


    210mm(L) x 150mm(B) x 50mm(H)

    Note: The actual color of the gift box may vary from the image shown.