Featuring products that range from pickles from Panipat to chips from Ernakulum, Place of Origin aims at bringing together the best from each corner of India to your doorstep. Placeoforigin.in Pickles and masalas Indian cuisine is incomplete without the mention of pickles and masalas. If you’re running short on a particular regional variety, try Goosebumps Pickles. Imagine the dedication and control your mom has on your food, now multiply that by three, since this venture is run by three mommies who champion all things homemade. The products are artisanal and preservative-free. Our picks: Vintage Gol Keri, Ker Sangri and Katki. They also sell mulghai pudi, sambhar and rasam masalas. Goosebumpspickles.com. Sherbets Make summer better with artisanal Indian thirst quenchers that come in flavours such as bael, falsa, aam panha, buransh, paan and more. The Delhi-based website also sells sattu, a traditional drink made out of barley or whole wheat grains, sweetened with raw jaggery powder that cools, replenishes energy levels, boosts immunity, aids digestion and makes the skin glow. Homeburps.com

Teas Teabox sells teas that are handpicked from gardens of Darjeeling to estates of Assam. The website sells leaves from cities and states across India and some from Nepal as well. We love the Wah Classic Spring black tea, a fresh spring tea from the Kangra valley and North East India’s Gold Summer black tea, which is a smooth and strong tea that pairs impeccably with a rich breakfast spread. They also do a range of limited edition packs during festive season. Teabox.com Spices It’s no secret that you can’t make good Indian food without good Indian spices. From kebab chini, black stone flower or kalpasi, mace to peeli sarson, traditional and hyper regional spices that are difficult to procure in urban grocery stores, can be found on this website. Spice Market also sells vegetable, flower and tree seeds and offers free shipping on bulk orders. Thespicemarket.in.

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