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Amazing taste .. aroma is plesent

I have tried only 2 samples and both are very good in taste...i love tea without sugar and this is the right choice for bitterness..

Test are verry verry good

Such nice tea and test are verry good i love tea box all test just aut standing test

Bombay cutting

Leaves as fresh as they come, just the right amount of fennel seeds and cardamom 👌🏻 love love love the taste! Don't think can go back to regular teas 😄

Kadak chai

Ad popped on insta, was bit doubtful about trying. Made up my mind to give it a try, would say it was the best thing to do. Had ordered it for my husband, he is loving it. Thank you for all your efforts to deliver the amazing tea.

Chai tea tasting!

I hoped that the trial pack of chai teas would transport me back to India where I visited 5 years ago. I was thrilled to have such a variety of flavours all of which are a joy to make and drink. I don’t have a favourite - they all are part of my new routine of drinking delicious chai at home.

Darjeeling Balasun Spring Clonal Black
Peter Braun (Vienna, AT)
Simply superb!

I am glad I discovered Teabox because it was very difficult to get that kind of fresh tea. No day without that fresh tea!

I now have a problem..,

I’m working my way indulgently through my first assorted box of teas and I have a problem…
I like all of them and I can not settle on a favourite ’few’ to concentrate on: So, my next order has been for another mixed box; smaller portions but greater variety plus, another great quality glass. What’s not to like.

Delicious Chai Teas

The tea is absolutely delicious. Better than anything I've tasted so far. You can really taste the difference between cheap syrups and standard store bought teas. I'm happy I took the plunge and bought the sampler pack.

Teabox Kadak Chai
GG (Singapore, SG)
Loving it!

Teabox Kadak is quite an experience! Right from preparation to consumption.

It's gorgeous fragrance envelops my kitchen as it simmers gently on the stove. And after i pour it into my favorite mug, i retreat to my tea nook and savour every sip.

Teatime is a sacred ritual for me. It's how i anchor myself in the middle of my busy day. Teabox Karak is my warm companion. It's chai that hugs me :)

To all the people at Teabox, thank you for making this happen.

Shipping Protection
Eddie Edwards (Boardman, US)
Spring white tea.

The taste of this tea is a little different m but it tastes great.

Teabox has spoiled me and my mom !

Teas so good, u wouldn't drink anything less than that, even at your relatives !
We got through the trial pack within 15 days ! 😮‍💨🤌🏻
Teas are fresh, aroma is delectable and quality is top notch ❤️

Darjeeling Singbulli Spring Flowery Oolong
Katie G (Baldwinsville, US)

Oolongs and I don't get along very well, but the descriptions on the website last year made me take a chance. I'm so glad I did- the flavor is delicious and delicate but doesn't fade into the background. This year's harvest is slightly more vegetal in aroma but the taste is very much the same and it's marvelous. The low amount of caffeine makes it a great choice any time of day. The only thing that doesn't come through is the mango flavor on the second steep, but it's still enjoyable. Perhaps it's the style of oolong I was trying before or the quality, but I don't need to look any further than this.

It was my first order, but definitely not the last one. I've been drinking quite a lot of black tea everyday for a long time and I've tried many brands. This was by far the best. I really loved the deep flavour, smell of fresh leaves and the refreshing taste ideal for my afternoon tea.

My favorite beverage got more flavorful

A lovely combination of flavour options, with catchy names too ! I look forward to my special cup every morning and evening.
I have one for every mood and it never fails to make me pause and savour each sip.
Glass cup is unique ..
Love the whole experience..

Pure Japanese Matcha Premium Green
Jonathan Faricellia (Rochester, US)
Excellent tea

I brew a cup first thing in the morning and start my day with this tea. Smooth and not bitter, this tea is quality.

Organic Hibiscus Cinnamon Clove Green (Teabags)
Gillian James (Grand Manan, CA)
Incredible find

I’m addicted. What an amazing difference switching from the grocery store tea to Teabox. I was so impressed with my first order that I immediately put in a second to try their chai teas. Was not disappointed so I immediately put in my third order to try the loose leaf. If you haven’t given their tea a try….do it !

Great Company

Excellent variety of chai. Good service. Immediate response. I recommend this company to everyone.

Classic Earl Grey Citrus Black
Sylvie Beauvais (Philadelphia, US)
Surprisingly Delicious & Different

The tea tastes Fantastic. It comes in a little brick which you open & then transfer to a little pouch. You know that feeling of delicious micronutrients entering your body? I feel that with every sip. Couldn’t be happier with the bergamot flavor & how it comes together in the perfect cup of Earl Grey. Highly recommend!

Lovely in every sip

beautiful color, aroma and taste - as always this tee from TB is fresh and top quality

Shipping Protection
Darren Entwistle

Firstly, I can't believe how quickly my tea arrived! From clicking the buy now button, to making my first brew with the leaves, it was 5 working days!!! Anyway, to the tea! The first thing that hits you is malt, and also how sweet it is without any milk or sugar! A dash of milk seems to lift the classic Assam flavour right into the mix, yet within it's complexity it's not at all heavy on the palette, there's a certain refinement to the overall experience that can awaken the senses as well as relax them, depending on your mood.

Shipping Protection
Jonas Jakobsson (New York, US)
Tea from Teabox

I was getting sick of bad tea sortiments and low quality from other supplier. When I saw the ad from Teabox I decided to try, and so far it has been joyful journey drinking tea from Foothill of Himalayas. Thank you.

All Darjeeling Whole Leaf Tea Trial Pack (+Free Valencia Glass Teacup & Basket Infuser )
Bob Davis (San Diego, US)
Great way to try different teas!

I have been loving the different teas from TeaBox. My method is to throw the tea leaves into a French Press (I keep one for tea only) and let it steep, press down the plunger and enjoy the tea. I usually even pour more hot water in afterwards for a lighter but still tasty second brew. Each bag has a unique flavor. I have not dis-liked one yet!

Pause Chai Bundle
Kate (Alpharetta, US)
Assam Masala

On a cold, late winter morning my Assam Masala chai hits the spot ~ such a calm relaxing start to my Sunday morning ~ the sun is up and Spring is around the corner 🩷☕️

Organic Jasmine Green
Allison Tait (Toronto, CA)
Peppermint tea is spearmint flavoured

The quality of the tea was good. We ordered a lot of peppermint tea though, which is in fact Spearmint, which don’t enjoy. We were disappointed about this and think the box is misleading. Other than that we are happy with the product

A chai adventure

So happy with my chai Teabox samplers. I’m delighted with discovering and trying out the different flavors. So far every flavor is so good that it’s hard to pick a favorite . Quality is also top notch