Black Teas
Black Teas

Black Teas



  • Apple Cinnamon Pie

    Blended with Assam black tea, fruits & spices.

    300 gm | 99 cup
    ₹1,497 ₹ 1,392 7% Off
  • Assam Mangalam Gold Summer Black

    Notes of Maple syrup & cocoa brighten up this Assam cup.

    100 gm | 40 cup
    ₹ 999
  • Assam Banaspaty Summer Black

    An Assam cup with notes of malts & hints of yellow raisins.

    100 gm | 40 cup
    ₹ 399
  • Meghalaya Lakyrsiew Summer Clonal Black

    A brisk Meghalaya floral cup with fruity undertones.

    100gm | 40cup
    ₹ 2,299
  • Darjeeling Goomtee Summer Chinary Black

    Notes of plums & apricots brighten up this Darjeeling cup.

    100 gm | 40 cup
    ₹ 1,099
  • Darjeeling Goomtee Summer Muscatel Black

    A Darjeeling cup with notes of nectarines & apricots.

    100 gm | 40 cup
    ₹ 2,299
  • Darjeeling Giddapahar Summer Chinary Black

    A Darjeeling cup with notes of Apricots, cocoa & nuts.

    100 gm | 40 cup
    ₹ 799
  • Darjeeling Samabeong Spring Black

    A light-bodied Darjeeling cup of tropical fruity flavors.

    100 gm | 33 cup
    ₹ 2,799
  • Darjeeling Goomtee Spring Chinary Black

    A classic spring Darjeeling with sweet green & fruity notes.

    100 gm | 40 cup
    ₹ 1,499
  • Darjeeling Giddapahar Spring Chinary Black

    A Darjeeling cup with sweet green notes & fruity aromas.

    500gm | 200cup
    ₹5,995 ₹ 5,276 12% Off
  • Darjeeling Oaks Spring Chinary Black

    A brisk Darjeeling cup with notes of fresh raw fruits.

    100 gm | 40 cup
    ₹ 1,299
  • Nilgiri Havukal Winter Frost Black

    A Nilgiri cup with floral flavors & hints of winter-greens

    100 gm | 40 cup
    ₹ 799

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Loose Leaf Black Tea

 Black teas are the most oxidized(aged) of all tea types. They undergo every step of tea processing from plucking, withering, rolling, oxidation, and drying. For fresh black teas, oxidation is a significant step as this is where the flavor of the teas is built. Consequently, black teas possess a stronger flavor profile than white, green, or oolong teas. Loose leaf black teas can be made in an orthodox way or by using mechanized techniques (CTC). Like all teas, there are many black tea benefits which make it a healthy alternative to high-caffeine beverages.


Types of black teas

 You can expect to find various types of black teas from all the major tea growing regions in India - including DarjeelingAssamKangra, the Nilgiris and Nepal and some parts of North East India (Dooars and Terai). They differ not only from each other, but also from season to season. Some of the more complex and best black teas are Darjeeling black teas which have a fragrant, floral flavor profile like the orange pekoe black tea. As the season progresses, astringency goes down and fruitier attributes become prominent in the black teas from this region. The regions also produce a good amount of organic black teas. The Assam black teas almost always have thick flavors, of malt, honey, wood and toasted nuts. They are also the most astringent black teas you’ll find. The Nilgiris produces black teas that are very fragrant, fresh, and fruitier than floral. Nepalese black teas are flat-flavoured, typically have a very brisk green taste. One of the popular teas is the strong and refreshing English Breakfast black tea. Tea makers also produce flavored black teas like the popular peach tea or peach ice tea. The best black tea you’ll ever have is the one that has been grown and cultivated in Darjeeling and Assam.


Selecting the best black tea

For those who prefer a light black tea, choose from the spring, autumn and winter Nilgiri teas. For those who prefer richer flavors, the summer flush Darjeelings and Assams won’t disappoint. They also accommodate add-ons better than any other kind of black tea.


Health Benefits of Black Tea

If you are a fan of the milk tea and haven't had a convincing enough reason to buy black tea, you may be in for a treat. There are many reasons why you should buy black tea and it’s contribution to better health is one of them. Rich in antioxidants, black tea has been found to improve oral health, boost weight loss and even bring down stress levels. Also being more oxidized than any other tea, it is best known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties that help control levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Although loose black tea leaves is a better option, you can also choose to purchase black tea bags and we assure you whichever one you choose is sure to give you the same health benefits.