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  • Be LEAN - Weight Loss Herbal Tea

    Be LEAN - Weight Loss Herbal Tea

    A healthy start towards weight management.

    300 gm | 120 cup
    ₹ 1,497 ₹ 748 50% Off
  • Be LIGHT - Digestive Herbal Tea

    Be LIGHT - Digestive Herbal Tea

    Improve digestion with this herbal blend.

    300 gm | 120 cup
    ₹ 1,497 ₹ 748 50% Off
  • Be CLEANSED - Detox Herbal Tea

    Be CLEANSED - Detox Herbal Tea

    Flush out toxins from your body with this herbal blend.

    300 gm | 120 cup
    ₹ 1,647 ₹ 823 50% Off
  • Rose Mist

    Rose Mist

    Blend of rare Darjeeling white tea & light scented rosebuds.

    50 gm | 20 cup
    ₹ 2,449 ₹ 1,959 20% Off
  • Mountain Rose

    Mountain Rose

    A floral blend of black tea, cornflower, cardamom & rose.

    300 gm | 120 cup
    ₹ 2,997 ₹ 2,247 25% Off
  • Organic Jasmine Green

    Organic Jasmine Green

    Jasmine flowers blended with premium green tea.

    300 gm | 150 cup
    ₹ 1,497 ₹ 1,047 30% Off


Green & Chai

100% Natural Ingredients. Authentic from India



Handcrafted and curated for any time, any occasion.

why teabox is the freshest?


Being just an hour and a half away from the iconic tea gardens of the world, we have devised a unique tea sourcing process. We procure teas within 24-48 hrs of sampling and keep them under 3-4% moisture levels. Next, we hand sort & clean whole leaves for impurities, vacuum pack, and keep them under -5°C.


From leaf to cup, fresh in 7 days, we connect tea to tea lovers and not to anyone else.


We are a part of the problem. Hence, we are working towards being the solution. By 2024, we have pledged to reduce our plastic consumption by 80%.


what people are saying


" Excellent Quality and I really feel the freshness when unpack. I have ordered more teas from my regular morning consumption from your black tea selection. "



rightmark.png Verified buyer

" Brilliant aromas. Drinking Kashmiri Kahwa rejuvenates the mind & body and takes one to another planet ! "

Prasanto Sengupta


rightmark.png Verified buyer

" Good quality and passion for customer satisfaction always visible in every purchase experience "

Tanmay Majumdar


rightmark.png Verified buyer

" Delicious fresh tea that is delivered on time. I am assured that if I am running out of my morning chai leaves that Teabox will have replenish my tea tins within days. Great service! "

Robyn Jarden


rightmark.png Verified buyer

" Every tea we've ordered from Teabox has been a cut above teas we order from any company. This tea was no exception. Brewed for 5 full minutes with absolutely no bitterness! The after polish reminded us of figs so not surprised to learn the after taste is yellow raisins. The cup brews up to a beautiful deep amber color and is perfect to sip alone or with sugar. I will buy this again. "

Esther Gibbs

WINFIELD, United States

rightmark.png Verified buyer

" Gorgeous packaging. Love your pouches and the air-sealed tea and the pure white/black of the design. Plus the tea is excellent. "

Bob Desinger

California, United States

rightmark.png Verified buyer

you asked. we answered.

The tea we finalize comes after sampling 241 cups on average and is shortlisted by our master tea tasters, food scientists, and nutritionists with a collective of 100 years of experience. Apart from freshness and quality, we are India's leading DTC (Direct To Consumer) brand where we source premium quality teas directly from growers and not a cost-effective tea from any middlemen.

We pack our teas in Siliguri, the heart of the tea-growing region in India, located just one and a half hours away from Darjeeling.

As opposite to dust tea that is highly commoditized, whole leaf teas must always be your preference. Know the difference:

Whole leaves - Highest grade tea, the whole leaf contains more catechins and antioxidants and can be steeped multiple times.

Brokens - Small-sized crushed leaves that are left over after producing whole leaf tea.

Fannings - Inferior grade tea is made up of small particles and is often mass-produced.

Dust - The lowest grade tea should be discarded as waste but commercially used by tea companies to reduce cost. Contains less natural benefits and is bitter in taste.

No. All teas don't have caffeine. Tisanes contain 0% caffeine making them ideal for tea lovers who are on the lookout for a healthy option. Made with herbs and flowers, some of our popular tisanes such as Pure Chamomile, Blue Amore, Hibiscus lemongrass, and many more, are an excellent choice for evenings and bed-time.

Yes! No questions asked! Don't like it, just ask for a free replacement.

100% guarantee

Free replacement if you not satisfied

Whole leaf, highest tea grade

Pure indian single estate tea explerience

At your doorstep in 2-4 days

Ships in 24 hours. Delivers worldwide

From the foothills of the Himalayas

No middlemen. No auction houses. No exporters