100% of our employees are paid the equivalent or greater than of a living wage and
enjoy equal health care benefits.

We recognize the uniqueness of each individual who is a part of Teabox. Our
campaigns & workshops are focused on understanding and celebrating the diversity of
gender, race, identity, sexuality to create fair working grounds.

All team members are provided life insurances and their health care packages include
their spouse and children.

We have zero-tolerance and complete strict prohibition on the engagement of forced
or underage labor.


A good cup takes time to steep, a good community takes time, effort and perseverance
to build. As we are moving forward in our freshness journey we intend to do it together;
irrespective of gender, race, age, culture, and way of living.

We provide necessary training and purchase from local vendors and suppliers
to foster a thriving community. More than 60% of our resources(raw material &
technology) come from local suppliers in West Bengal with internationally
recognized product certifications.

Teabox also encourages women-owned companies. We source 10-24% of our
purchases from companies that are majorly owned by women.

We work with Reyso, a Darjeeling-based NGO that helps generate
employment for women working in tea gardens.

To ensure the well-being of the people working in estates and drive awareness
of good hygiene for rural communities of Darjeeling, we have collaborated
with Broadleaf India, a United States health and education NGO.