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Why Drink Only Fresh Darjeeling Teas?

Just like any other agricultural produce, fresh teas taste best. That is why it is important to us to deliver you only the best.

Here are 5 reasons why Teabox teas are the freshest:


Located Just 3 Hours From the Source

These are the world’s freshest Indian teas. With the only close-to-the-source facility in India,  our unique procurement process receives the teas just 3 hrs after direct sourcing from the gardens. On arrival, they are sealed and packed within 48 hrs, ready to be shipped to your doorstep.


One-of-a-kind Facility

Teabox is the only brand from India to have a de-humidified facility at the source; ensuring the teas remain protected from hot, humid conditions or high moisture. This enhances the shelf-life of the teas.


Small batch Sourcing

Every batch of Darjeeling teas we offer are made in small batches after checking the moisture levels so as to guarantee freshness and make for a flavorful cup of tea. In our experience, small batches always tend to have higher quality and are made with a lot more care and hence end up tasting much better.


Taste the Difference

All our teas are hand-sorted to remove foreign particles found in bulk teas and handcraft our chais, green teas, and blends in small batches. We vacuum-pack to lock in their freshness, and ship only whole-leaf teas to ensure a quality tea-drinking experience.


At your Doorstep in 5-7 Days

We ship to over 127+ countries. Circumventing the time-consuming and quality-depleting traditional routes, we have created a simpler path to experience the nuanced wonder of fresh Darjeeling teas.


Hear from Fellow Teabox Steepers

Truly Exquisite

"A hot freshly brewed cup of your selected Darjeeling Teas makes me happy at any time of the day !"

- Phil C.



"Delicate, fragrant, very smooth and slightly sweet. A joy to drink!"

- Thomas G.

New York

It's a beautiful thing

"When white tea rhymes with tasty, I love it. It reminds me of my Darjeeling journey. "

- Philip C.


Delightful cup!

"It's the first time I've tried this tea & it's really good. One of the finest teas I've ever enjoyed."

- George S.


Teabox Seeks to Bring Indian Teas into the Modern Era.

“Teabox is using modern technology to reinvent the centuries-old tea. ”  

“How teabox is Bringing Silicon Valley to The Darjeeling Tea Trade.”  

2000+ 5 Star Reviews


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