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Bringing Indian Tea & Art together

Savor a collection of the finest Indian teas in collaboration
with the artworks of the
Museum of Art & Photography.

Being a homegrown brand we are deeply rooted in our sense of heritage and culture. Aligning with our vision of bringing stories from the terroir to our tea community, our collaboration with MAP is our way of creating a sense of connection between tea culture and art.


Our special Gift Box Collection is inspired by individual art pieces.

Each handcrafted exotic tea blend can be enjoyed with the video of a special artwork from MAP by scanning the QR code. These will be a part of your box in the form of bookmarks.


Modern & Contemporary Art

Artist: Prabhakar Barwe
Art: Chaitra Mood
Tea: Hibiscus Lemongrass Tisane

To represent this section, we have picked Hibiscus Lemongrass Tisane to honor the work of Prabhakar Barwe. We were especially enchanted by his work with the hibiscus flower which displays his ability to deconstruct complex metaphysical concepts into non-esoteric language. Our tisane plays on a similar line of bringing together complex flavors to create a harmony of taste.

Modern & Contemporary Art

Artist: S.H. Raza

Art: Universe

Tea: Vanilla Grape Tisane

Just like Raza’s Universe explores sacred geometry, our Vanilla Grape Tisane is a deep search for commonality in the tea palate. Flavors that are loved and savored around the world. Blending the complementary flavors of grapes and vanilla brings perfect harmony to the cup.


Artist- Steve McCurry

Art- Dal Lake Photograph

Tea- Kashmiri Kahwa(Saffron) Green

Paying homage to the breathtaking landscapes of Kashmir, the people, and glimpses of their lives, we offer Kashmiri Kahwa Saffron Green tea for this category. Brilliantly complementing the authentic palate of the region, the tea retraces the cultural subtleties of flavor and aroma.


Art- Gita Govinda

Tea- Jasmine Green Tea

Known for its exquisite aroma and the favored flower of Lord Krishna, our Jasmine Green Tea complements the romantic and religious nuances of devotion that are depicted in the painting. Crafted with premium-grade whole leaves, this green tea is replete with flavors and health benefits.

Popular Art

Artist- Manorath

Art- Khubiram Gopilal

Tea- Rose Green Tea

For this portrait of devotion, which combines the art of painting and photography, we offer our Rose Green Tea. Fragrant, delicate, and a recall to the flavors savored by ancient Indian kings and queens, this cup pays a tribute to our desire to honor the past.


Artist- Untitled(Wedding)

Art- Jivya Soma Mashe

Tea- Bombay Cutting Chai

To complement the Warli paintings, which take their name from the tribal community of the Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra, we picked Bombay Cutting Chai. The flavors of the region, a chai blend crafted with cardamom and fennel come together to emote the simple pictorial language of this art form.

A collectible box, to savor art and tea together.