1. Take a warm bath

To increase your chance of achieving a deep fulfilling sleep, make sure to take a warm bath 1-2 hours before going to bed. It helps to improve the “temperature circadian rhythm,” allowing you better sleep quality. For extra relaxation, add some essential oils to the bath water.

2. Create the right ambience

Avoid direct or bright light before going to bed. To encourage your body to engage in its physiological progression to sleep, dim the lights and draw the curtains to block any source of external lights. Also, cut down on your screen time an hour before bed.

3. Play soothing music

Music triggers the release of dopamine, a hormone that is released during pleasurable activities. One of the key benefits of this hormone is that it soothes the autonomic nervous system, leading to slower breathing, lower heart rate, and regulated blood pressure. All of which, contribute to a good night’s rest.

4. Massage your feet

If you have been neglecting your feet, before going to bed, you have been missing out on some great health benefits. Massaging your feet with cream or ghee can help improve blood circulation, improve brain function and most importantly calm your body.

5. Express your gratitude

Studies show that writing in your gratitude journal before bed can contribute to good sleep, increasing the length of your sleep cycle. It is a great practice to help you relieve your anxieties of the day, and focus on the good things in your life.

6. Read a book

Just like how physical exercises strengthen the body, cognitive exercises — like reading — strengthens the mind. Engaging our imaginations allows us to enter an altered state of consciousness, which is why reading helps to reduce mental chatter easing us into a quiet state of relaxation.

7. Drink a cup of Chamomile tea

An ancient and potent herbal infusion, used widely by the Egyptians, chamomile tea is revered for its calming properties. The flower contains apigenin, an antioxidant that promotes sleepiness and reduces insomnia.

Make sure that you never miss out on a good night’s sleep.
Begin the perfect nighttime routine, today!