Currently, at least 90% of our packaging is either reusable, recyclable, or compostable. We have reduced waste in primary packaging by 25-40%. We have replaced polystyrene foam (PS foam) usage with recycled paper-based Hexa Wraps and recycled paper-based corrugated flute sheets that are sustainable and 100% recyclable.
Currently, for our secondary packaging, we have made a shift from bubble wrap and introduced thicker paper-based packaging, which has led to an overall 100% consumption reduction.

This change will divert over 5 tonnes of waste from landfills annually


Choosing the right teaware elevates your experience, choosing the right design reduces wastegeneration. Our range of thoughtfully designed teawares is more than just ideal gifting solutions ormediums to redefine the tea experience. Minimalist design, ethical sourcing, and communitysupport are the core pillars of our teaware design. We use sustainable and environmentally-friendlymaterials, engage local tea communities, and focus on zero waste generation.

Since the conception of Teabox, we have been determined to emphasize sourcing our rawmaterial locally to create a complementary ecosystem. We are currently sourcing more than60% of our raw materials locally which we want to increase to 90% by 2023.


Plastic gears and daily disposable gears used by ourfacility workers have been replaced with reusablematerials. Daily gears like shoe covers, headgear aremade of cloth and eco-friendly materials.Our processes do not involve carbon emission orrelease toxic and hazardous wastewater.We work in tandem with local recycling agencies in West Bengal to reuse/repurpose our waste products.