Complete with the velvety texture of wine, this blend is one to be enjoyed.
₹ 899
Blend of smoked green tea, spices and saffron from the valley.
₹ 399
A sweet dessert-like blend to mark the festivities, this tea is delicate and exotic with a bit of flavorful saffron.
₹ 999
Encloses three different fragrant and lively teas.
₹ 999
An assortment of six fragrant blends and one ball infuser.
₹ 2,199
An assortment of our four aromatic teas.
₹ 1,399
Nine different teas in a beautifully illustrated white box.
₹ 2,899
A big glass mug with a fine mesh & removable steel infuser.
₹ 1,439
Beautifully curved & traditionally designed glass teapot.
₹ 1,529
Double-walled teacups to sample teas comfortably in style.
₹ 1,529