Pure white tea blended with natural flavors of wine & apple.
₹ 1,199
Smoked green tea, beaten almonds, saffron, and spices.
₹ 49
A delicate mix of chai, rose petals, saffron, and cardamom.
₹ 836
  • Encloses three different fragrant and lively exotic blends
  • Perfect tea gift for friends and family
  • Packed in an attractive sustainable paperboard box
  • Hand-packed teas in tin caddies
₹ 649
  • An assortment of six fragrant blends and one ball infuser
  • A must-have gift for friends and family
  • Impeccable Illustrated box, packed with eco-friendly paperboard
  • A unique assortment of teas, packed in chic tin caddies
₹ 1,759
  • An assortment of our four aromatic teas
  • Express your care with thoughtful gifts to loved ones
  • Made of premium paperboard, good for the earth
  • Handpicked exotic blends, packed in tin caddies
₹ 1,119
  • Encloses Nine different exotic tea blends
  • A quintessential tea gift for tea lovers
  • Made of high-quality eco-friendly paperboard
  • Teas are packed in elegant tin caddies
₹ 2,319
A set of two borosilicate glass double-walled Duple teacups.
₹ 1,699
Beautifully curved & traditionally designed glass teapot.
₹ 1,079
Double-walled teacups to sample teas comfortably in style.
₹ 1,189