Teabox is currently creating a market for Indian tea across the globe, including countries such as USA, Russia, Kiribati, Siberia, Federated states of Micronesia, Chile, Argentina, Fiji and Ural Mountains (Siberia). Commenting on the same Kaushal Dugar, Founder and CEO, said "My team and I are very proud to have added this milestone to our list of achievements. I started Teabox with a vision that every cup of tea sold, will be the freshest cup of tea out there. That vision has come to life, thanks to our customers, who, like us, seized the opportunity to enjoy the world’s freshest teas from Teabox. We continue to bring innovation and recently introduced the world’s first natural nitrogen flush tea bag so that every cup is fresh. We look forward to always delighting customers all around the globe with more innovation, so they may enjoy the most delicious fresh teas from India."

Teabox has always been obsessively focussed on being able to deliver an un-matchable experience to our consumers. In fact, one of the investors, Robert Bass of Keystone Group LP, first discovered Teabox as a tea drinker. He is a devout tea drinker and he loved the product so much that he went on to participate in the first round of investment. Another Teabox customer Cameron Jones, a Singapore-based Angel Investor and Tea Connoisseur was impressed by the freshness of the tea sold by Teabox and went ahead also invested into the company last year. There could not have been a bigger testament to the quality of Teabox’s products. Teabox is disrupting the $40 billion tea industry with its innovations in technology and the supply chain. Rated as one of the hottest start-ups in the food-tech category, it sources teas directly from plantations in Darjeeling, Assam and the Nilgiris and vacuum packs the leaves often within 48 hours of sourcing. By shipping directly from the processing warehouses to customers in over 100 countries within three to five days it ensures every customer has the freshest tea possible. .

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