The company has delivered tea to 109 countries in the world, including countries like Kiribati, Isle of Man and Siberia, to name a few. There are 233 countries in the world. "We have delivered tea to practically half the countries in the world and plan to reach the rest in the next two years. Our aim is to make Indian teas available to people across the globe. In the history of the tea industry, Teabox is the only company to have reached more than 100 countries in four years." Kaushal Dugar, the founder and CEO of Teabox, told The Telegraph. He said the next destinations are Africa and Latin America. #Within four years of its existence, Teabox has delivered over 40 million cups of tea to customers in over 100 countries. The company, now rated as one of the hottest start-ups in the food-tech category, sources tea directly from plantations in Darjeeling, Assam and the Nilgiris and vacuum packs the leaves within 48 hours of sourcing. It delivers tea to various destinations within three to five days.

Dugar said they have also delivered tea to a country like Kiribati. Pronounced Kiribas, it is an independent republic within the Commonwealth of Nations, located in the central Pacific Ocean, about 4,000km southwest of Hawaii. "We had to search Google for Kiribati after a customer ordered for tea from our company. We then found out how to deliver tea directly to the country and did it successfully. The tea was delivered in 8-9 days," he said. The customer, Shantwanea King, had ordered a subscription box comprising Darjeeling black teas and green teas. The subscription programme empowers tea drinkers to choose the kind of tea they would enjoy. Some of the other teas which were despatched ranged from Earl Grey tea to Siberia, iced tea and blended tea to Peru, Assam black teas to Latvia and Kahwa to a customer in the Isle of Man. Kahwa is a traditional green tea prepared with exotic spices. Earl Grey tea is a tea blend flavoured with oil of bergamot. Dugar said the company was started with a vision that every cup of tea sold would be the freshest cup . "That vision has now become a reality thanks to our customers, who, like us, seized the opportunity to enjoy the world's freshest teas. We look forward to delighting customers all around the globe with more innovation," he said. Teabox reached this feat through word of mouth, and digital and social marketing, the company said in a release issued here, adds PTI. "I am very proud to have added this milestone to our list of achievements. We continue to innovate and recently introduced the world's first natural nitrogen flush tea bag so that every cup is fresh," Dugar added. .

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