100% Natural ingredients

Vacuum packed


100% Natural ingredients

Vacuum packed



Bombay Cutting Masala Chai

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Inspired by the bustling energy of the city of Bombay, a crafted chai blend with natural cardamom, ginger, & fennel.

TypeMono carton (1 Pack = 250 gm/8.8oz)
Quantity 1 Pack (1 Pack = 250 gm/8.8oz)
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Freshness Journey

The onlyclose-to-source facility in India.Teabox's unique procurement process has our teas arrive within just 3 hrs after direct sourcing from the garden.On arrival, they are sealed and packed within 48 hrs,ready to shipped to your doorstep -  the world's freshest indian teas.
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    3rd-4th July'23

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    Sorted & Cleaned
    Within 24 hours of manufacture at the estate we receive our teas.

    5th July'23

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    Blended at Teabox
    We sort the tea according to its grade, to ensure only whole leaves are sent to you, not the fannings and dust.

    5th July'23

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    Vacuum Packed
    We vacuum pack to preserve the freshness of your teas from its 4 enemies - Light, heat, moisture and oxygen.

    5th July'23

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    Stored @ -5°c
    Teabox is the only brand to have a cold chain processing facility in Darjeeling, that allows teas to be stored at -5°C (at 3-4% moisture levels) to preserve and enhance the shelf life.

    5th July'23

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    Ready to Ship

    6th July'23


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